Online & LIVE Group Jam

Now Offering is now virtual. New online courses curated each week that will build your skills, teach you how to read music & build your confidence. Looking for some human’s that are as crazy about the ukulele as you? The Tuesday night LIVE Zoom Group Ukulele Jam from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM will be returning soon. This 2-hour class offers a casual group setting for beginning to intermediate uke'rs looking to explore new songs and new techniques on the ukulele.

Extra Goodies

Online extras that help you grow your Uke skills anytime, anywhere.

  • E-Library Ukulele Music

    Whether you use them online or print them out you have unlimited access to all music and jam session content. Music is currated for all levels, offering easy and advance options every song.

  • Learner Profile

    Control the path of your Uke Destiny! Track your progress as you learn. Revisit past lessons and see how much you've improved.

  • Group

    Secure access to our community group. Post videos, chat with other members, and even post questions if you are stumped trying to learn something new.

Schedule & Event Updates

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